Top 10 Ways to Make a Girl Fall for You

There are some interesting tips for you guys (especially for you boys) huahahahahahaha ~('o')~ *plak

1. Show interest, and show her that you would like to get to know her and you were happy to meet her or talk to her.

2. Let her cry on your shoulder if she's sad. Make her smile when she's feeling crummy

3. Treat her the same with your friends as when you are alone.

4. Remember what she says. Recognize the small things. They mean the most

Always take your time to call/text her just to say 'good morning' or 'good night'

6.Remember her birthday & get her something. Even if it is simple & inexpensive. It will mean the world to her

7. Encourage her in her passions. If she is taking up a new hobby or pursuing her career, tell her you think it’s awesome

8. Have a little fight with her, and make sure she's the winner (aaaaaaaa *plak)

9. Don't pretend to be something. You'll only succeed in breaking her heart when she finds out you've been lying the entire time

10. hances are some of her past relationships weren't that great. Don't add on to the list. Never bring it up again!

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