We (don't) Cry

Wiw, blognya kelas udah rame. Seneng deh :D Aku pingin nge post tentang sesuatu yang mesti bikin aku galau. Tentang mimpi. Sebenernya ini mau jadi bahan postingan di blogku, tapi ya udah, buat blog  kelas aja mendingan :D
Ini nih, coba deh baca

Together we cry
Together we cry

Jenny was a poor girl, living in a rich world
Named her baby hope when she was just 14
She was hoping for a better world for this little girl
But the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree
When she gets that call, Hope's too far gone
Her baby's on the way, with nothing left inside
Together We Cry

What about the John Play, could have gone the whole way
Lighting up the stage tryna get a deal
Now he's lighting up the wrong way, something for the pain
Man you wanna see this kid he was so fuckin' unreal
When he gets that call, he's too far gone
Can't get it together to sing one song
And they won't hear tonight the words of a lullaby

Together We Cry

Mary's ambition, she wants to be a politician
She's been dreaming about it since she was a girl
She thought, that she'd be the one who could change the world
Always tryna pave the way for women in a man's world
But life happened, house, kids, two cars, husband hits the jar,
Checks that don't go very far now
Now she ain't making changes, she keeps her mind on her wages
The only rattling cages are her own

Together We Cry

There's so much sad gonna flood the ocean
We're all in tears for a world that's broken

Together We Cry

There comes a time when every bird has to fly
At some point every rose has to die

It's hard to let your children go, leave home, where they go, who knows?
Gettin' drunk, gettin' stoned all alone
Teach a man to fish, feed a man for life
Show your kids the truth, and hope they never lie
Instead of reading in a letter that they've gone to something better
Bet you're sorry now, I won't be coming home tonight

I'm sick of looking for those heroes in the sky
To teach us how to fly
Together we cry, we cry, we cry

Together We Cry
Together We Cry

there's so much sad gonna flood the ocean
With all the tears from a world that's broken

Yup, itu lirik lagu dari the script yang judulnya we cry.  Jadi menurut pendapatku, lagu ini cerita tentang mimpi orang banyak, yang gak semuanya terwujud. Tiap tokoh yang ada dilirik lagu itu punya cita-cita atau mimpi masing-masing. Mimpi mereka bener-bener nyata dalam pikirannya, tapi kehidupan pingin hal yang lain, life becomes an obstacel for them. Janny , John, Marry mereka gak putus asa untuk mimpi mereka, tapi takdir  kehidupan mereka punya keinginan lain, dan itu beda jauh sama mimpi mereka. Mmmm intinya,  buat menggapai mimpi yang kita pingin, kita tetep harus berusaha, tapi ya itu, ada suatu takdir lain yang udah ditulis Tuhan buat kita. Apakah mimpi kita bisa terwujud? No one knows. 
Keren deh the script, punya pandangan lain tentang mimpi. Yang sebenernya ngingetin kita buat tetep berdoa, gak cuma berusaha. Nasib kita gak ada yang tau kan?  Aku juga berharap, apa yang Tuhan tulis buat aku, sesuai sama apa yang aku inginkan, dan yang paling penting, itu adalah pilihan yang terbaik :) 

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